Slow Motion Hitting Progression Drill for Stride & Mechanics

In today’s video blog post, we are sharing an awesome hitting progression drill that breaks down and focuses on stride and mechanics.

No Stride Batting

If you have hitters who are jumping out over their front foot, this focus drill will allow them to eliminate the stride during batting practice and cage work time.

No Stride drills eliminate the stride so that hitters can concentrate on the faults they are experiencing in the swing mechanics without the distraction from the back side or head jumping. There is more tendency for the head to stay still when the hitter is not striding.

In No Stride Soft Toss, the hitter is eliminating the stride and just rotating the back side, keeping the head still.

The front foot does not go forward at all, and the back quadricep is going right into the ball, “squashing” the bug.


Stride, Backside, Hands Hitting Progression Drill

This is a slow motion hitting progression drill to train your muscle memory and get the repetition just right.

  • The soft toss pitcher will say “Stride”, and the hitter will take his stride position
  • The soft toss pitcher will then say “Backside”, and the hitter will rotate the hips
  • The soft toss pitcher will say “Hands”, and the hitter will bring his hands through, taking the swing
  • The pitcher will also flip in the ball for a soft toss position at the same time he says “Hands”


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