Teaching players how to adjust to pitch location without altering their stride

Drill Setup

  • Setup 2 tees side by side on the plate – one to mimic a low inside pitch, one setup to mimic a high outside pitch
  • Batter steps into the box with a bat and a helmet

How it Works

  1. Player goes into their swinging motion and starts their stride
  2. Coach calls out “Inside” or “Outside”
  3. Player adjusts accordingly to hit the correct ball
  4. Player heads to back of line while the next batter steps into the box, continuing the drill

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to wait until just after the player lands their stride to call out the pitch location – otherwise you will tip the location early and players will be able to move their stride accordingly
  • You can use whiffle balls or just place a net in front of the tees – this way you don’t need to chase balls down and keep the drill moving at a high pace