When you’re working on pitching with your kids baseball team, you want to spend some time going over the basic pitches.

The above video runs through the change-up pitch, which can be slightly difficult for your younger kids baseball players to understand.

The change-up pitch is a change-of-speed pitch. This pitch will set up all of your other pitches.

It comes out of your pitcher’s hand just like the fastball-it’s just slower. The hitter swings at it, thinking it’s a fastball”¦and he’s ahead of it. The change-up pitch destroys your hitter’s timing.

The hitter will tell you if your pitcher’s change-up is the right speed””you shouldn’t follow a “guideline” that says that your change-up should be ten to fifteen mph slower than your fastball. Instead, judge by how the hitter reacts. If he’s right there on the change-up pitch, then chances are your change-up is too fast. If your hitter double-clutches and chokes up on his bat, noticing that the pitch is slow, then the change-up is too slow.

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