In today’s blog post, I have put together a list of 5 awesome knee drills for perfect pitching mechanics – complete with video demonstrations!   From follow through and accuracy to hand separation and glove tuck, we’ve got some fantastic tips and tricks to help you teach your young players to be the best pitcher in their league!   Check them out below!


The One Knee Drill

This baseball throwing drill helps develop correct follow-through and improves accuracy by isolating the top half of the body to make sure release and follow-through are correct. (click here to read more…)


A Towel Pitching Drill for Perfect Pitches

A great way to condition without stress is to take any pitching drill, and replace the baseball with a kitchen towel. And then go through the throwing movements while holding onto the towel. The towel simulates resistance and also allows your pitcher work on his techniques without throwing a ball. (click here to read more…)


The Knee Drill for Improved Pitching Mechanics

This is a fantastic Knee Drill that will improve your players throwing and pitching mechanics. By putting players on their knees, players can really get the feel of leaving the glove out front throughout the throw. When working on the knees, the bottom half of your body will become squared off when the arms come through. The key is glove to target, eyes to target, ball to target. (click here to read more…)


“Separation Drill” for Pitching and Hand Separation

We demonstrate an excellent Separation Drill, that focuses on the proper mechanics of hand separation.     A great drill that players can work on in the mirror at home by themselves to ensure they are not hooking the arm behind the body, instead coming down and making a big, long arc. (click here to read more…)


“Tuck and Throw” Throwing Drill

This is an excellent throwing drill to work on your player’s tuck and throwing. Many times, you will see players who leave the front arm out and then they’ll throw without tucking the glove. This drill works on getting a good glove tuck. (click here to read more…)


If you enjoy these drills, make sure to head over to our complete pitching drills collection. It’s packed with fun and effective practice ideas for mechanics, velocity, command, grips and more!