Baseball pitchers and position players must train for both strength and power, and throw the baseball maximally with proper mechanics.   In today’s video blog post, I am sharing 3 fantastic baseball agility training drill ideas that you can incorporate into your next practice!

Running Grid Drills for Baseball Agility

Here are some excellent running grid drills that really works your agility and coordination, while ensuring that proper running technique is maintained.   There are a hundred different drills you can do with a running grid – today I am sharing a few that you can incorporate into your practice plan right away.

The Quick Feet Baseball Agility Drill

This baseball agility drill provides a great opportunity to work on footwork and being able to change directions very rapidly and comfortably – both from right to left and left to right.   It also forces players to keep their eye on the ball, which is always a good thing.

The Cone Drill for Baseball Conditioning

This is a great drill that requires a good amount of power to be able to get over the cones and to work through it. If you can use eight or 10 cones, and then go once down and back on each one of these drill variations, your athletes will get a pretty good conditioning workout.

Next step… check out our baseball training drills collection for more skill-building workouts you can do in the off-season!