To practice catching balls while on the run.

Drill Setup

  • Players form a single file line with their gloves on as shown.
  • Coach has a bucket of baseballs and stands beside the first player in line.
On The Run Baseball Outfielder Drill
Fielders sprint to catch fly balls on the move.

How it Works

  1. On the coaches command, the first player in line runs away from the coach but keeps the coach in sight by looking over the shoulder.
  2. After the player has begun running, coach throws the ball in the same way a quarterback would “lead” a receiver. The ball should be thrown fairly high so that players have time to judge it’s path.
  3. Player is to track the trajectory of the ball and not break stride to catch it.
  4. After catching the ball, player runs to return ball to coaches bucket, then takes place at end of the line.

Coaching Tips

  • Keep this drill fast paced. As soon as one player catches the ball, the next player in line should begin to run.
  • Watch that players use correct form when running sideways, they should point their lead shoulder where they think the ball will land.
  • Players should never take their eyes off the ball.
  • Make it easier: Keep the fly balls on the near side of the player, so he can track it out of the coach’s hand and into his glove.
  • Make it harder: Make some throw over the player’s head and to the far side, forcing him to turn and find the ball in the air.