To practice proper fielding technique for medium-strength ground balls.

Drill Setup

  • Fielder should stand in the grassy outfield facing a coach who is 40 feet away.
Fielders play an outfield grand ball using the one-knee method, then make an accurate throw back to the infield

How it Works

  1. To begin the drill, coach hits or throws a medium-strength ground ball towards the fielder. Ball should land to the left, right, or in front of the fielder.
  2. The fielder should use correct footwork (cross over step, slide step) to move toward the ball.
  3. Once at the ball, the fielder should drop to their throwing side knee and put glove between their legs and field the ball.
  4. In one smooth motion the fielder should then rise up and make a crow hop throw back to the coach.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Occasionally yell out “Do or Die” and the player has to hustle to field the ball and throw it all the way to home.
  • Make it easier: Start by demonstrating the one knee position, focusing on the throwing side knee down, glove flat on the ground, and throwing hand in position to secure the ball. Then roll soft grounders from 6-8 feet away. Move back slowly as players master the skill.