To help build arm strength and proper throwing mechanics. Players will learn to use their bodies to throw the ball farther.

Drill Setup

  • This drill is best performed on a football field where there are line markers to help players SEE the distance their ball travels.
  • Or, set up lines of cones 5 yards apart. Line players up on the goal line, each player should have a ball.
Players compete to see who can make the longest throw.

How it Works

  1. On the coaches whistle, all players throw their ball while standing on the goal line. Each player needs to determine the distance of their throw using the yard lines on the field. They should remember the distance when their ball landed for the first time, not where it rolled after landing.
  2. After all players have thrown, players RUN to their ball, pick it up, and return to the goal line. (This is part of their warm up, so they need to be sprinting).
  3. Have the players take 3-5 more throws from a standing position.
  4. The idea is for each player to set their own “PR” (personal record) for top distance thrown.
  5. Next, have the players take two shuffle steps into their throw so they can see how much momentum helps their distance.
  6. Players should realize that the more they use their body momentum, the farther their ball will travel.

Coaching Tips

  • The thrower’s shoulders should be level with the front shoulder pointing at the target
  • Use a four seam grip – place the index and middle fingers across the seams so the “horseshoe” portion is facing sideways, making a backwards “C”
  • Drive off the back foot and pull the glove hand in towards your body as you release the ball