Partner Hitting Drills Using The Tee

Today’s Partner Hitting Drills are a fantastic way to get in some excellent mechanics practice while having a ton of fun!

2 Tee Partner Drill – requires 3 players

  • Set up 2 tees next to each other at about 8-10 feet apart, facing into the batting net.
  • With 2 hitters ready at the tee’s, have the 3rd partner call out a command.
  • As soon as the hitters hear the command, they are going to swing and try to beat their partner by hitting the ball faster to the net.

Single Tee Race

This is a great drill for younger players, but it’s also fun for any age, as it really brings out the competitiveness of your bat speed. It is very similar to the 2 Tee Partner Drill, but in this one, we are going to use wiffle ball bats and a wiffle ball.

  • Have a left-handed hitter and a right-handed hitter face each other, with the tee in the middle.
  • A 3rd partner will give a command, and then the 2 hitters will swing at the ball, at the same time, to see who can reach the ball first.


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