During the above video, you’ll learn about a baseball drill called the perception drill which works on your players’ mental game.

Practicing the mental game is extremely important for players.

The perception baseball drill works like this: In a bullpen practice situation, have the hitter take five pitches thrown to him. Let him work on his concentration, seeing the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, reading each pitch as it’s delivered, and trying to identify the spin.

The hitter should use a soft focus first, looking out toward the pitcher but not focusing on any one thing. Then he should hard focus on the pitcher’s release point for two to three seconds before the pitch is delivered.

Each hitter wants to focus on five pitches at the time because it’s more game-like. Rotate the hitters during this baseball drill and allow them four or five opportunities. They should work on concentrating by seeing the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand. (Concentration is defined as keeping your mind focused on one task or a part of one task that allows you to be successful.)

You, as the coach, should designate what the player should be concentrating on throughout the baseball drill.

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