To reinforce to players to stay on top of the ball through their swing, as well as improving their ability to hit under pressure.

Drill Setup

  • Setup 3 buckets upside down on top of each other, with a tee about 20 feet away.
  • Split the team into two groups and have them form two lines behind the tee.

Pinball Baseball Hitting Drill

How it Works

  1. The first player in line will step up and attempt to hit the buckets.
  2. The first player in the next line will then take a swing.
  3. The drill will continue like this until one team has hit the target 5 times.
  4. The losing team has to do push-ups.

Coaching Tips

  • It doesn’t have to be buckets – you can make a target out of anything you have lying around.
  • Make it harder: Make the target smaller – instead of 3 buckets stacked on top of each other, have the players attempt to hit a single bucket.
  • Make it easier: You can also go the other way and make the stack bigger – make a pyramid of 5 buckets for example.   That, or you can reduce the target number down to 3 hits of the target, or even just 1.