In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating bullpen procedures for the pitcher, and pitcher warmup exercises that allow him to work on fast ball, curve ball and change-up pitches.     At the end of this routine, the pitcher should be fully warmed up and ready to go!

Pitchers Warm Up Plan: Fast Ball, Curve Ball & Change-Ups

Fast Ball Pitchers Warmup

The purpose of this exercise is to work inside the zone. Start by setting the catcher up one foot outside the plate. Begin outside the strike zone and then move in. Run through the exercise on both sides of the plate. Establish the outside part of the plate first. Work from one foot outside the plate to six inches inside the zone.

Once he establishes his fast ball, continue to throw change-ups with the catcher calling for locations, and then either fastballs or change-ups.

The catcher should move to different locations behind the plate, to exercise and warmup the pitcher effectively. The pitcher wants to focus on control and getting the arm loose.

Curve Ball Pitchers Warmup

Next, you can move the catcher in 2/3 of the distance to start throwing the curve ball, concentrating on the tightness of the spin and getting the feel for the curve. Starting close gives the pitcher a good feel for the curve ball.

Throw 6-8 curve balls, and then have the catcher move back 5 yards. Keep moving the catcher back until the full pitching distance is reached.

**Always move the catcher during these exercises! You want to keep the pitcher on the mound so he gets used to staying in that area.

Mix It Up!

You can continue to warm-up the pitcher by mixing fast balls and curve balls – even change-ups – at all locations on the plate.

This routine should take approximately 60-65 pitches to complete. If something is not working for the pitcher, he should stay here until it does! Stay in the bullpen until ALL of the pitches feel comfortable.

Throw one pitch from the Stretch position for every pitch thrown from the Wind-up position.



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