Reaction Drills for Bat Speed & Hitting Power

In today’s video blog post, we are featuring 3 awesome reaction drills for bat speed and hitting power. By incorporating these drills into your practice plan, you will see a definite increase in your hitters bat speed and hitting power in no time!

Eyes Closed Reaction Drill

This is a very good reaction drill, because it forces the hitter to be quick with the bat.

– The hitter will close his eyes, and then the pitcher is going to yell “Ball” when the pitch is released.
-When the hitter hears “Ball”, he is going to open his eyes, find the ball and react quick.
-The pitcher can change up the pitch, height of the throw, or the timing of his command, in order to keep the hitter on his toes and ready to react at any time.

Inside Reaction Drill

This is another fantastic drill that will increase your bat speed.

– The pitcher begins by throwing a couple of balls that are away, and then the pitcher will surprise the hitter with an inside throw.
– The hitter will react and turn on the inside throw, focusing on intense bat speed and focus.

Fast Rewind Drill

In this hitting and bat speed drill, the focus is to swing the bat as much as you can, and then quickly rewind the swing back to the starting point as fast as he can. This is a great plyometric drill that shocks your nervous system to work faster and faster. Swings are one at a time, so the hitter can focus on proper mechanics for speed.


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