How to execute a run down so even the fastest baserunner can’t escape

Drill Setup

  • Infielders set up at second and third base.
  • Runner is in between them.

How it Works

  1. Coach says “go.”
  2. Player at second runs toward runner with ball in his throwing hand.
  3. Fielder at third runs toward runner and calls “ball” when he has good momentum toward the runner and feels it is time to make the throw.
  4. Fielder from third catches the ball and tags the runner.

Coaching Tips

  • Whoever has the ball should be running full speed at the runner – don’t let the runner dictate the speed.
  • Fielder with ball should hold it in bare hand not glove.
  • Receiver calls for ball when he has good momentum going forward and feels it is time to make the throw. No fake throws or jukes.
  • Fielders should run full speed and make the runner go full speed so it is difficult for him to stop and change direction.

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