In today’s video, we are demonstrating some great conditioning drills that use a Running Grid.   Implement these running grid conditioning drill ideas into your practice plan, and you’re going to see more agile and more coordinated players who are better able to move right, left, forward, and backward on a baseball diamond.

Running Grid Conditioning Drill

This conditioning drill really helps with agility and coordination to ensure that your running technique is still good. There are a hundred different drills you can do with a running grid, and we’re going to run through a number of them today, but there are certainly more options if you’re looking for something else to do in a little more advanced way.

One foot in one hole (in a running format)

  • Pick a focal point
  • Put one foot in one hole at a time.
  • Get the good arm swing and knees up
  • Touch down light and try to avoid making contact with the grid whenever possible.
  • Second drill will be two feet, one hole
  • Touch down twice in one grid and then move on to the next grid.
  • You’ve really got to get your knees up or you’re going to miss hitting in the grid.


One hole – three hole – five hole

In this version, you’re going to lengthen your stride out just a little bit, staying on the right side of the grid.

  • Still getting the knees up, elongate your stride a little bit, more like a normal run.
  • Use both sides of the grid
  • You’re going to touch down in the first grid with your right foot, then hit the next grip with your left.
  • Stay close to the center line, with good running technique.
  • Don’t get sloppy here and start straggling all over the running grid.
  • Pump the knees and stay nice and light on the feet


Duck waddle

  • Take the right foot and step on the left side of the grid, and then you’re going to go left foot up and step on the right side.
  • Stay really close to the center line, and lift at the knee.
  • Get your knees up and put them straight up and straight down. This requires some coordination, a little bit of agility. Especially if you raise the grid off the ground.
  • Any degree of coordination you can achieve through a running grid will transfer into success on the ball diamond.


Bunny hop

  • Go on the right side of the grid, and you’re working on a little bit of lift with the legs, but a whole lot of lift with the arms, one hole at a time.
  • Lifting the arms helps you drive. Take this into a running format where the arms are used to being able to lift and give you a little bit extra help.


Bunny Hops with diagonals

  • Hit the first hole, and then come over diagonally, and then back, and back and forth again.
  • Stay close to the center line, and be sure to get up off the feet
  • One thing you want to try to remember is, whenever you do this, try to find a soft surface that you can hit on. A gym floor works well, it’s got a little bit of give. But you DON’T want to do this on concrete.


Don’t forget to include core work in your conditioning drill plan!   Check out these excellent core conditioning drill exercises!   And be sure to Become a Fan on Facebook for more great conditioning drill tips from other coaches and players, as well as myself!