Check out these 2 awesome fielding drills for quick hands and feet, that focus on shuffling and fielding with proper technique, and strong throwing action.

Fielding Drill for Quick Feet: “Whistle Shuffle”

The players line up in two lines and the baseball coach has a whistle.   The coach blows the whistle and the team begins to shuffle their feet with their knees bent and head up in the direction that the coach points until the coach blows the whistle again at which time they switch directions.   This is continued side to side and forward and backwards.

This baseball fielding drill helps to strengthen the players legs as well as teach shuffling their feet which will help them develop proper fielding techniques.


Fielding Drill for Quick Hands: “Dueling Fungos”

Divide players into two teams.   Place cones on the infield grass just in front of where the second baseman and shortstop play.   Two baseball coaches take turns hitting ground balls and checking fundamentals, one hitting from the third base side of homeplate to the players at the second base station and one from the first base side of homeplate to the kids at the shortsop station (a single coach could be used hitting balls alternately to each team).   As coaches hit ground balls to each player, they must field with proper technique, meaning they must get into the ready position, field correctly, shuffle their feet, make a good aggressive throw and then return to the end of their line.

The throws are made into a target net behind home plate.   If proper fielding technique is accomplished and the baseball ends up hitting the target or within reason of it, that players team earns a point – first team to a pre-determined number of points is the winner.


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