You have probably notices that a lot of the hitting mechanics drills we work on don’t focus so much on the arms, but more on working the body, and especially how the body rotates. This powerful rotation is the main ingredient that you need to have to develop maximum power and maximum bat speed.

Hitting Mechanics Drills that Use a Weighted Foot

The hitting mechanics drills we are going to talk about today are designed to overload your muscles and work the whole body, but they are going to work on turning and rotating more than anything else.

Ankle Weight Drill

In this drill, we are working on rotation. Put an ankle weight on the back leg and follow the 10-5 approach, where you do 10 repetitions with the ankle weight on, and 5 repetitions with the ankle weight removed, so the athlete can feel the difference in the way the rear foot floats back on the swing.

Sand Bag Drill

In this drill, you are going to overload the back leg by hitting a sand bag with the outside of the back foot as hard as you can as you swing. Your intention is to try to turn the sand bag over. So on the swing, you are going to rotate and explode.

To make this rotation more mechanically sound, you can place the sand bag on a rotating plate (a lazy susan or similar) and work on your kicking. This technique helps you learn to turn the foot correctly, while also overloading the back side by focusing on really kicking the sand bag as hard as you can. Remember to use a clean and powerful pivot.   Remove the sand bag and you can see the mechanics of the drill transfer over to the swing.


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