A Wiffle bat is one of the best props you can use when working with hitters. It’s our opportunity to give our hitters a clue as to how fast their bat’s moving.


With this drill, ask your hitter to go ahead and get in his stance. You, the coach, should move out in front of him a little bit and hold the Wiffle bat. Now ask your hitter to go ahead and start into his swing. As he gets to the point where his hands have come forward, as he’s beginning to make his stroke, you can move the bat.

You want your hitter to be quick enough from his stance into his swing to be able to catch up to your Wiffle bat before you can move it. And if he can do that, he’s moving the bat in a hurry. This gives him a solid idea of how fast he has to move.

Video Demonstration

Coaching Tips

Have your hitters do 10-15 repetitions of the Wiffle bat drill per day based on age. If you’ve got a younger player, go about 10 repetitions; an older player, go for 15.


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