In today’s video blog post, we are talking about 1st Base Baseball Conditioning, and holding runners on base.   We briefly discuss the importance of giving the pitcher a target, proper body position and being in fielding position when the pitch crosses the plate.

1st Base Baseball Conditioning: Holding Runners on Base

Holding Runners on Base Tips:

  • You want to be sure to hold a man on first base effectively, and give your pitcher a nice target.
  • Spread your feet parallel to the foul line to prepare for quick response.
  •  Move quickly into fielding position when the pitch is thrown. You don’t have a lot of time from when the pitcher lets go of the ball. You have to be in a set position ready to field your position.
  •  You must be able to adjust to any ball.
  • You want to condition your players to move into position on command, with knees set and ready to make the play.


1st Base Training Tips –

A good 1st baseman must have:

  1. Good reflexes
  2. “Sure Hands”
  3. A quick, accurate and strong arm
  4. Quick feet
  5. Understands all game situations
  6. Ability to make the double play


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