Step and Launch Drill


Step & Launch is designed to teach young players how to step into the ball and get their hips into their swing

Set up

Each player should have their own bat

Spread out cones around the field where the players will face a fence, not too close together

Give each kid a baseball


1.  This drill is designed to teach kids about stepping, weight distribution and turning at the hips.

2.  Players will spread out around the field at each cone, facing a fence with their bat, batting tee and ball.

3.  On ‘go’ they will begin hitting their baseballs into their fence or net, focusing on stepping and turning at the hips.

Coaching Tips

Players need to get a proper load as they get ready to hit. This includes shifting their weight from back to front, stepping properly and getting their hips into the swing.

Players also need to keep their head / eyes on the ball.

Make It Easier

Players can practice the fundamentals for this drill with ‘air swings’ until they feel comfortable
hitting the ball off the tee.

Make It Harder

Start immediately with the ball off the tee using the fundamentals discussed in this drill.