A fun, competitive drill that gets players warmed up and teaches them how to make proper turns at the bases

Drill Setup

  • Split the players into two teams.
  • Place one team at home plate with and one team at second base.
Two teams sprint around the bases in this fun relay race.

How it Works

  1. Give a baseball to the first player in each line. This will be their “baton” they will pass to each member of the relay team.
  2. On the coach’s signal the first player for each team takes off.
  3. The player at home runs from home to first, and circles the bases until he completes a circuit back to home plate.
  4. The player starting from second runs from second to third, and circles the bases until he completes a circuit back to second base.
  5. After a completed circuit the player passes the ball to the next player in line, who continues the relay race.
  6. The first team to have all players complete the circuit and sit down wins

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to keep the waiting players well out off the basepaths to avoid collisions
  • To maximize speed, the baserunner should try to strike the inside edge of the base with his right foot
  • If your players know how, you can have the last player slide into the final base to complete the race
  • Make it harder: Baserunner must bent-leg slide to finish the 4-base circuit
  • Make it easier: Add cones or coaches at each base to show baserunners the proper path to take around the bases