The purpose of the crow hop is to get a little more momentum and velocity on your ball.   As on outfielder, you have to throw the ball further than an infielder – sometimes a throw can be 120 feet! – so it’s important for you to get a little momentum to get up in the air and push off those legs, which is important for a long, strong throw.   You can practice this baseball fielding drill on your own – in your house, your bedroom or your backyard – as long as you pay close attention to getting the footwork right!

It’s important to keep your glove foot in front of your body. This is your lead foot and this will align your body to your throwing target by getting your shoulder in front.

When the ball is in the air and coming down, be sure your glove foot is in front be ready to catch the ball up in front of your face using two hands, palms up.

As two hands are catching the ball, your reaching for the seams, and trying to get the ball out of your glove as fast as possible.

As that’s happening, begin the Crow Hop movement by bringing the back foot forward while separating the hands.

The next step is coming through the ball, pointing your glove to the target cut off man. Now your whole body is sideways to the target. The front hip and the front foot and the shoulder, along with the glove, are pointing at the target for an accurate throw. This is the Eagle Position, with the arms apread and the body sideways. Knuckles are to the sky and the back foot is sideways.

The next move is to push off the back foot and start throwing as you tuck your glove into your chest and release the ball in front of your eye. This adds more power to your throw.

After the ball is released, bend your back to follow the arm back to the side of the front knee and the back leg comes forward as you move in the direction of your throw.

Start by practicing slowly until you get comfortable with this technique.


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