In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating some awesome baseball hitting drills for gaining strength and speed in your hitting swing. From taking the ball to the opposite side of the field to slow bat speed, we’ve got you covered!

Hit Or Get Hit Drill

Another common fault of some hitters is not being able to take the ball to the opposite side of the field.

The objective of this baseball hitting drill is to allow the ball to get deep to the hitter, and then swing. When we’re trying to hit the ball to the opposite side of the field, we want to envision in our mind letting the ball travel to the point where it is almost going to go into the catcher’s mitt, and then swing to take the ball out into the opposite field. If we swing too early, it is going to be very difficult to be successful hitting to the opposite field.

In this drill, a tennis ball or whiffle ball is thrown right at the player’s belly button/belt area. The player is going to either hit it by staying back and making the hit or get hit by not staying back and jumping forward, because it will be very hard for him to go forward and then try to hit.

This drill forces the hitter to stay back and let the ball get deeper, rather than trying to hit the ball with his hands way out in front.

This drill is difficult and will take players several rounds of repetition to complete successfully.


Slow Bat Drills

A slow bat is another common fault in baseball. But here are a couple of different baseball hitting drills that you can use to correct this issue.

Hard Toss Drill

In the batting cage, you can throw “hard toss”, which means throwing the ball fairly hard at a short distance, which allows the hitter to focus on his reaction time and quicker hands and hips.

Weighted Bat Swing Drill

This baseball hitting drill is best done in the offseason or pre-season. Start with a 2 ½ to 5 pound weight plate and progress up in weight slowly as your hitter gets stronger. Place the weight on the bat like a doughnut, and work on taking smooth, fluid swings with the weight on the bat. This will add strength and quickness in your swing. You are not trying to swing hard here, but focusing on proper mechanics and muscle memory, while also getting in strength training.


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