Try these two baseball outfield drills with your team to keep everyone involved and fresh on skills.   These will keep all players engaged in what is going on in practice and in a game.

Fielders Warm Up Drill
When we warm up before a new inning, we try to maximize the number of touches each fielder gets before the first pitch of the inning.

We have one bench player go to the outfield on the side of our dugout to warm up the fielder on that side.   The other two fielders play catch with each other.

We have a second bench player go about 10 feet behind first base on the foul line. He throws grounders to the second basemen only (the second basemen stations himself behind second to make his throws longer).

The player at first warms up the third base and shortstop.

This almost doubles the number of throws each player gets before the inning starts and keeps the bench players involved in the game.

Defensive Drill
Coach kneels between second and pitchers mound, facing second base.   Two players take positions at 2B and SS.

Coach rolls a ball in the direction of one or the other players to work on turning a double play.

Player who doesn’t receive ball assumes position at 2B to touch base and then throw to awaiting player at 1B.

Player receiving rolled ball has to decide whether to touch 2B himself or underhand ball to other player, depending on the distance the ball is from 2B.

Good reaction drill for 2B and SS.