One of my favorite baseball outfield drills is a fast-paced drill that keeps your players hopping. I also feel it is important to stress how significant playing an outfield position is. A player should not feel as though they are “stuck” playing outfield.

Outfield Drill
Have coach and player positioned on Rt field foul line with last player in rotation to catch the throws.

Players line up with furthest player first in line.
Alternate between right and left over the shoulder catches.
Player throws the ball in.
Immediately hit a pop fly to them, catch is made then return throw.
Player charges in toward Coach.
Coach flips the baseball in the air and player slides under for basket catch.

I use polly balls for fly and basket catches for my kids.

Importance of an Outfielder
A real baseball player is not STUCK in right field;   an outfielder is just as important to the team winning as a shortstop. I put players where they are the strongest. A young player needs to learn the position he is strongest at.

A good player who really wants to play baseball on my team will play wherever I put him and play his best or I will bench that player for not giving his all.