Bent Leg Slide Drill

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a great baseball outfielder drill called “The Bent Leg Slide Drill”.   The Bent Leg Slide is an invaluable skill because it allows your athletes to learn how to avoid getting themselves injured and they will have a greater chance of successfully catching the ball.   This slide is used when fielding short hops or balls that may be out of reach.

You can do this baseball outfielder drill once, twice or three times a week. You will find that the kids really enjoy this drill, especially if you can perform the drill on a soft surface that isn’t going to tear them up, such as tall grass in the outfield, etc.

There is no more technique on a bent leg slide other than as if you were going to slide into second or third base, except that you are going to extend your hand when sliding into the base. And you do this to protect the hands during the slide.

This technique will become second nature when practiced regularly.


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