The above video is perfect for showing to your players during your next baseball practice. It covers the ten commandments of baserunning, which can help your players have a real grasp of what an athlete has to do in order to be successful when running bases:

1. Start baserunning from the bench.

2. Be aggressive and an impact on the bases by taking advantage of the opposition’s mistakes.

3. Understand the word “reasonable.”

4. Don’t run into outs or be doubled off on line drives.

5. Make your own decisions when running the bases.

6. Thing between pitches about every situation you may encounter.

7. Execute techniques.

8. Always hustle and “run smart.”

9. Know where the defense is positioned, the game score, the hitting count, the number of outs, and the inning.

10. Know where the baseball is at all times.

Out of the ten commandments of baserunning, chances are that there are some that will jump out at you and seem more relevant than others. My personal favorites are #3, #5, and #9. Which of these commandments most speak to you and your team?

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