My coaching tip today for baseball training is a base running drill.   You can’t have enough variations for this type of drill to keep your practices fresh and fun.

Base Running Drill
Have 3 or 4 of your players line up behind first base as a base runners.
Place 3 or 4 behind second base and another 3 or 4 on third base.
Everyone will participate together.
One coach on the pitcher’s mound throwing to another coach who is acting catcher.

Base runners take a secondary lead once the pitcher/coach throws the ball to catcher/coach.
Pitcher/coach mixes up pitches sometimes throws balls in the dirt and past the catcher.   Base runners must anticipate and run to the next base when ball gets away from the catcher.
Catcher can also make poor throw back to pitcher, so base runners must always pay attention and be prepared to get to the next base.

Pitcher does need to cover home on a wild pitch, so base runners on third base need to react quickly and not hesitate if they decide to steal home on a wild pitch.