We overlay a contest to our conditioning drill as it involves three catches and three throws.   Who can get through cleanly?   Who made the best throws? Who made the best catches?   We use this during our conditioning station work and invariably, it is one of their favorites.

Conditioning Drill Competition
This could easily be a 30 – 50 yard sprint, broken into three pieces to ensure we can create a competitive situation within the drill.   We use elimination rounds.

The players have a good time and get excellent conditioning work in as well.   It really is effective at the younger ages to keep their attention and burn off some energy.   Many times, we will end with an ESPN Top 10 round.   We will put the ball just out of reach and force them to dive for the ball, both grounders and fly balls.

There is always someone to pull off a fantastic catch and everyone starts hollering!

For another competition conditioning drill try this one.
Start a runner at home and a runner at 2nd base.
On the sound of the whistle by the coach each runner take 2 bases.

The objective is to see who can touch the second base first. The winner is rewarded by not running again. The coach sees who has speed and can stress base running skills and all the players want to compete and be the faster.