A game-like baserunning drill that helps runners learn when to round first and when to sprint straight through the bag

Drill Setup

  • Split your players into three teams. One team lines up at home plate, the other two fill the defensive positions. Place a coach at first base. And another coach hitting ground balls from the third base line.
Extra Base Hit Baserunning Drill
Baserunners learn to make an aggressive turn at first

How it Works

  1. The first player on the baserunning team steps up to the plate.
  2. The coach will put the ball into play by hitting a ground ball to the infield or a line drive into the outfield.
  3. The baserunner will sprint to first base, watching the first base coach for a signal.

– If the ball is hit to an infielder the coach will tell the runner to sprint through the bag

– If the ball is hit to the outfield, the coach will tell the runner to sprint through first and round the base, scanning the outfield for the ball

– The runner will either return to first base or sprint to second depending on how the ball is being fielded by the outfielder.

Repeat with the next runner in line. After one team has gone, rotate the teams to different positions.

Coaching Tips

  • To make the drill more game-like. Allow the runners to stay on base and continue around the bases until they score.
  • Make it harder: Instead of the coach hitting ground balls, have players bat against live pitching or a pitching machine
  • Make it easier: Place a cone 5 feet past first base to indicate how far the baserunner should go after rounding.