A basic drill that helps players learn the technique of rounding first base.

Drill Setup

  • You can run this drill in the infield, or just by setting up a home plate and first base the appropriate distance apart.
  • Place a cone 15 feet in front of first base and another cone 5 feet past first base, going toward second.
  • Players line up at home plate.
  • Coach stands beside first base.
Baserunners listen to the first base coach and decide whether to take second

How it Works

  1. On the coach’s signal the first player in line will simulate swinging at a pitch, then sprint to first.
  2. Before he reaches the cone the coach will say “Round it!” to signal for a potential extra-base hit.
  3. The player will run wide around the cone and round first base, coming to a stop in an athletic position at the second cone.
  4. Repeat with the next player in line.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Once your players have mastered the rounding technique, you can tell them to “Go!” to second base or “Come back!” to first.
  • Make it easier: Skip the swing portion until players get the hang of the baserunning technique.   Then add in the bat and swing.