I have two fun baseball drills to try.   The first one is a baseball throwing drill   that I like regarding accurate throws under pressure and the other is a fun game that emphasizes the fundamentals.

Throws Under Pressure
It takes at least 8 players, 2 or more lined up at each base.
Starting with one baseball, throw the ball from base to base around the diamond, each player going to the end of the line after the throw.

One baseball will be very slow, (and kind of boring) but you add a second baseball and this drill becomes a speed and accuracy drill.

Make sure that there is a coach or adult at each base to make sure someone does not get hit by the ball as a ball as they are making their throw!!!

One drill I like doing is what I call “Knockout.”

All the players get set on defense. When I hit to them they have to field the ball clean and make the throw to the correct base or cutoff without error.

They make an error of any sort they are “knocked out.”

I do this drill 4-5 times and each of them plays a different position each time. It’s a fun little game that puts an emphasis on fundamentals and the kids really enjoy it.

Note: Sometimes I have the parents run the bases to make it seem a little more game like.