If your team is struggling to make accurate throws during a game, you need to add some fielding and throwing drills to your practice plan. Your players need to understand proper grip, and that they need to throw to a target utilizing the proper throwing mechanics.   They need to know how to use our body the most efficient way possible so they can make a strong and accurate throw.

What is “Striding without Striding”?

Isolated foot work focuses on keeping your feet stationary and “striding without striding”. This is a great training technique that allows you to focus on the upper body aspects of throwing, such as getting the ball up into the right position as well as proper arm angle.   It also allows you to find your release point, work on pulling the ball out, and any other elements that you need to give extra attention, so that you can become a great thrower!

“Striding without striding” means bringing your weight to the inside of the back foot and keeping the knee on the right side, so that you stay balanced on the inside of your feet.

Video Tutorial: Isolated Feet Fielding Drill

In an isolated foot drill, you are focusing on keeping your feet stationary, not moving them at all throughout the drill.

In this particular fielding drill, we are focusing on the following points:

– Transferring weight from the right to left if you are a right handed thrower (reverse for left handed thrower)
– Getting the ball up into throwing position with proper arm angle

Partner up and stand on the field facing each other, at a good throwing distance.   When you throw, you are targeting the neck of your partner, getting good extension on the throw to the release point. You should also feel the ball releasing below the left eye (if you are right handed).

If your players cannot hit their partner from seventy feet away consistently during practice,there is no way that they will be able to make a 100-150 foot throw with the game on the line.


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