Knee Throwing Drill

Many young players have difficulties understanding the importance of glove in front, and closing the gap up front.   I found that by putting an athlete on his knees, they really get the feel of leaving the glove out in front.   So in today’s blog post, I am featuring the Knee Throwing Drill, which will help your players improve the throwing mechanics.

A Short – Medium – Long toss on the knees will reinforce what that glove has to feel like at the release point.

  • Drop to the knees
  • Find your equal and opposite
  • Knees are squared off so that when you throw, its essentially the same mechanics when you stand and throw on flat ground. When throwing on flat ground, the bottom half of the body is squared off when the arms come through. So it’s feet – torso – arms.


The key is: glove to target > eyes to target > ball to target.

As the distances get bigger, if there is any mechanical flaw at all, any change in posture, if the glove comes off, you’re going to see the ball not quite getting there, its going to miss right or left, high or low.


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