Numbers Drill


This is a great drill that teaches players to pivot when catching the ball throwing for increased accuracy.

Set up

- Put one player at every position on the field

Make sure each player knows the standard number associated with each position

Use only one ball for this drill


1.  In this drill, the coach will be verbally active, yelling out a number with each catch.

2.  The pitcher will start off with the ball. When ready, the coach will yell out a number.  The pitcher will throw the ball to that position.

3.  When that position catches the ball, the coach will yell out a new number for that player to throw to. It is important the coach keep a steady rhythm.

Coaching Tips

Players need to continually pivot when catching the ball, throw for accuracy by stepping in the direction they are throwing, as well as follow through on their throws.
Players should focus on making sure their throws reach their destination in the air
and not on a bounce.

Make It Easier

Do this drill only with infielders.

Make It Harder

Do this drill using all positions.