To improve throwing technique and arm strength.

Drill Setup

  • Group your players into pairs based on similar throwing/catching abilities.
  • All players should have a glove, and one player in the pair should have a ball.
  • Make two lines, with pairs facing each other about 10 feet apart to begin.
One Step Back Partner Throwing Baseball Throwing Drill
Players move back one step for each successful throw.

How it Works

  1. To begin, player with the ball throws the ball to their partner.
  2. Partner catches the ball and throws the ball back.
  3. If both players successful execute a good throw and catch, both players take one step back and begin the drill again.
  4. Every time they pair both execute one good throw and catch from the new distance, they take a step backwards.
  5. If a poor throw or bad catch happens, players remain at that distance a few extra reps until a good catch and throw is made by each player.

Coaching Tips

  • After each catch, take a moment to grip the ball using a four-seam grip. Place the index and middle fingers across the seams so the “horseshoe” portion is facing sideways, making a backwards “C.” Younger players may need to place three fingers across the top of the ball instead of two.
  • For more accuracy and velocity, hold the ball in your fingertips, not your palm.
  • Emphasize cocking the wrist as the throwing arm is brought back into the “L” position.
  • Point the glove side shoulder toward the target and step into the throw with the glove side foot.