Any great outfielder knows how to work the fence. He knows how to do so without injuring himself, and he knows how to do so by instinct.   In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent outfielder drill called “Get To The Ball”.

When a ball’s hit over their head that’s either out of the park or going to hit off the wall, a great outfielder will turn and run without ever looking at the ball.   He’ll just go and sprint if he knows that ball’s been hit hard.   And it’s instinct.   He’ll try to pick out the spot that he thinks the ball’s going to hit, he’ll get immediately to the fence, and then he’ll turn and find it.

“Get To The Ball” Outfielder Drill

– The coach says “GO” and throws the ball towards the outfielder, who will turn and sprint directly to the fence.   Once he reaches the fence, he’s going to turn and look for the ball.

– Occasionally, you’re going to want to force players to move forwards and side to side, so they get used to moving.

– Use proper technique for a ball off the wall.   Be sure the outfielder rounds the ball off and crow hops so that he’s ready to make the throw.

– Remember that your outfielders cannot catch every ball!


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