In today’s video blog post, I am sharing a fantastic long toss drill that is basically a game of catch with your players. It’s called the “Play Catch” Progressive Toss Throwing Drill, and it’s an awesome multi-purpose drill. In addition to building throwing power and accuracy, it also allows you to pinpoint and correct the mechanics resulting in missed throws.

Breaking Down the “Play Catch” Progressive Toss Throwing Drill:

  • Slightly flexed in the knees
  • Same basic posture as when hitting
  • Hands right in front of the body
  • The player is going to step behind to move forward
  • With elbows up, find equal and opposite and then rotate into a firm glove
  • Finish with the eyes level to the horizon and the glove out in front.
  • The axis of rotation is late.
  • Try to keep the ball within the frame of the body you are throwing to. If you miss right or left of your catcher, most likely this is due to your posture. If you miss high or low, this is caused by your relationship the glove to the ball getting too big. You want everything to cone to a release point out in front.


Throwing Tip!

** Never cast the ball. If it gets to a point where it’s too far to throw on a fly, one hop the ball. It’s important to understand a release point one hopping is much better than casting.


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