“Quick Hands, Quick Feet” Baseball Throwing Drill

Looking for an awesome baseball throwing drill for your young players?   Then check this out!   Today I am sharing a fantastic quick hands, quick feet baseball throwing drill that can be done alone.

– Start with the ball in a catching postion, and then turn and simulate the throw.

– Turn the back foot sideways and reach your throwing arm out towards the target, and then return to the catching position before starting the next repetition. This will help the player work on following the ball into the glove, finding the ball the seam quickly and turning to face the target for the next throw.

– Start slowy and increase speed as player becomes comfortable with the motion.   Repetition is what will make the player faster.

Variation: The player throws the ball in the air, and then catches it with both hands.   This will assist them in settling the feet before reaching out towards the target.


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