The above video goes over a baseball throwing drills called the “quick hands” drill. This particular drill can be done seated or standing.

This baseball throwing drill’s purpose is to get the ball out of your glove quickly to then make a play.

To do the drill seated, sit with your legs apart and your glove in front of you. Catch and then immediately get into a throwing position. The goal is to get into throwing position as quickly as possible.

The sitting position forces players to use correct upper body movements as they work on twisting and getting the body in a throwing position as quickly as possible. Remind your players that the ball should be facing backwards with the knuckles to the sky.

The main focus of this baseball throwing drill is speed with the correct technique.

When you’re comfortable with the technique, you can practice with a partner instead of doing this drill solo.

Do three minutes of each variation of this drill in order to get the most out of it.

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