What is Bat Speed?

Bat Speed: Bat speed is measured in miles per hour (MPH) and considers only the highest speed of the bat head (peak ve ­locity) through the hitting zone. Only the best hitters reach their highest bat speed just PRIOR to contact with the baseball. Most hitters produce high bat speeds through their mechanical efficiency. However, a hitter can also produce higher bat speed with more strength (specific resistance training program).

What is Bat Quickness / Acceleration?

Bat Quickness / Acceleration: Bat quickness is measured IN TIME (1/100th of a second) and shows how quickly the bat head travels from initial movement (launch) to contact.

(Source: Bio-Kinetics Research & Development)

Short Distance Batting Practice Drills for Bat Speed & Power

Bat speed is not only critical for power, but also allows batters to catch up to faster pitches.   Bat speed also allows a hitter to wait longer to start their swing, allowing for better pitch recognition. Increased bat speed can be accomplished by reinforcing good swing mechanics, which utilizes the entire body – from ankles and knees, to hips, shoulders, and then the head.   By practicing to swing from the bottom of your body and allowing the motion to   progress upward strengthens your muscles and helps you generate power throughout all of your body, which will ultimately increase bat speed.

Short Distance Batting practice drills allows you to control certain hitting situations and work on different areas of the strike zone. In any short distance drills that involve a live throw, there is much more success with a coach pitching because the ball is not traveling as fast and there is less movement. Confidence is a big factor in short distance drills and you will usually see the hitters’ mental attitude improved when finished with short distance drill work.

Check out today’s video above, where we are demonstrating some awesome short distance batting practice drills, including the Radar Drill, Towel Drill and the Tennis Ball Fence Drill.

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