Side Shuffle


Players will learn to sidestep to the ball, which will improve their fielding footwork

Set up

Have players form a line on the third base side

The first player in line is in fair territory near third base

Place a ball near the shortstop area

No mitts needed in this drill


1.  When the coach says ‘go’ the first player in line must sidestep towards the ball in the shortstop area.

2.  Once they get their body in front of the ball, they bend down to pick up the ball with their bare hands.

3.  After they pick it up, they place it back down again and go to the end of the line where the next player in line begins their turn.

Coaching Tips

Players need to make sure they do not cross their legs as they sidestep.

Players need to stay low to the ground.

Players need to track the ball and keep their eyes on the ball.

Make It Easier

Leave a ball on the ground for the players to pick up.

Make It Harder

Instead of a ball on the ground, the coach can roll a ball to a location