Wild Pitch Prep

Here's a great drill to practice handling a wild pitch when a runner is on 3rd base. Infield players must quickly react to a wild pitch and try to prevent the runner from scoring.

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Small Sided Scrimmage

With kids under six, playing a scrimmage usually results in a lot of standing around, boredom, or goofing off.     This modified version allows you to get more game-like reps for your players, keeps them active and engaged, and helps them learn the roles of the infield positions.

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around the world infield drill

“Around The World” Throwing & Infield Drill

This infield drill focuses on the throws that infielders are required to make during a game. The catcher will work on throws down to second and third, the middle infielders will work on turning two, and the corner infielders will work on throws home and across the diamond.

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