Tee Hitting Drills for Off-Season Training and Conditioning

Hitting the ball off a tee can make you a better batter. In fact, the #1 best batting drill for maintenance on your swing is working off the tee. Why? Because taking the same, continuous perfect swing off of the tee is one of the best ways to develop perfect mechanics and muscle memory.

But like any drill, it needs to be done correctly to have optimal results.

Basic Tee Hitting:

– Put the tee in the middle of the plate, simulating a strike down the middle. If you are working in a batting cage, go for hitting line drives that hit the back of the cage without first hitting the sides, top or bottom of the cage.

– Focus on keeping the front side (front shoulder, front hip, front foot) square to the baseball.

– Try to make contact with the inside part of the ball. This will force your hands inside the ball and keep your body square.

– Play a game with yourself and see how many line drives you can hit to the back screen out of 20 swings. Try to always improve your score and if possible, have competitions with teammates to see who can hit the most line drives out of 20.

– Once you start to get the hang of that drill, then start moving the tee around. Start off and hit 15-20 balls to the opposite field. Then 15-20 up the middle, and 15-20 to the pull side. Then finish with 5-10 the opposite way.

– Always remember to keep sound mechanics and work inside and behind the baseball.


Below are some awesome tee hitting drills with video demonstrations. From partner hitting to working with double tee’s, these tee hitting drills will be a valuable addition to your hitting drills practice plan.


“Double Tee” Hitting Drill

I think this is the best hitting drill to teach the swing mechanics of baseball. It incorporates all of the most important fundamentals that you are teaching your young hitters.


“Sequence” Tee Hitting Drill for Mechanics & Sequence

The Sequence Tee Drill allows the player to work on his swing, with focus on using the proper sequence, when hitting a ball off of a tee. It’s difficult for a hitter to get the proper sequence on a swing when he’s trying to hit a moving ball if he is just beginning to learn the actual sequence of a swing. But this hitting drill can help!


Partner Hitting Drills Using the Tee’s

Partner Hitting Drills are a fantastic way to get in some excellent mechanics practice while having a ton of fun! This particular drill is great for younger players, but also fun for any age, as it really brings out the competitiveness of your bat speed.

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