This drill helps baserunners learn to advance on wild pitches.

Drill Setup

  • A coach is on the mound playing pitcher, with a catcher in full gear behind the plate.
  • Set up a line of baserunners at each base.
Wild Pitch Baseball Baserunning Drill
Coach throws a wild pitch, then baserunners try to advance to the next base.

How it Works

  1. The first baserunner in each line starts on the bag.
  2. The baserunner takes a 6-8 foot lead and the coach goes into his pitching windup.
  3. The coach will throw a ball in the dirt, or a wild pitch that sails over the catcher’s head.
  4. The baserunners read the play and try to advance to the next base.

Coaching Tips

  • Baserunners should take an aggressive extended lead after the pitcher releases the ball.
  • Baserunners can watch how the ball bounces off the backstop and react.
  • Use a fundamentally sound bent-leg slide into the next base.
  • Make it harder: Add infielders and have the catcher try to throw the baserunners out.
  • Make it easier: Add base coaches at each base to give cues to the baserunners.