Here are a couple of youth baseball practice drills drills sent in by Scott, a longtime Baseball Tutorials member…

The first one is a timed drill that works on throwing and sprinting to the base.   We do the second drill at the end of practice for some fun time for the players.

Timed Throwing Drill
We use a stop watch for this one.

We put 3 players on each base, first, second, third and home.
The player at home starts with the baseball.
He throws the ball to first and than sprints to first.
The first baseman catches the ball and throws the ball to second and sprints to second.
The second baseman throws to ball to third and sprints to third.
The third baseman throws the ball home and sprints home.

We time the drill.   When the last person at third gets the ball, throws home and sprints home we stop the clock.   We always try and beat our best time.   We focus on a couple of things on this drill.
1.) Throwing the ball in front of the player so when they catch the ball they are ready to throw again.
2.) Setting your feet and throwing to the target.
3.) Sprinting through the base.

End of Practice FUN!
We separate the kids in two equal groups.
We put a tee with a baseball on top in the center of the group about 20 to 30 feet away from the tee on each side.
We start with one side throwing the ball to try and knock off the ball.
If the team is successful the other side does 10 push ups.

If the player misses the target and the ball gets by the player on the opposite side. That player does 10 push ups.

We focus on two things here:   Throwing the ball with accuracy to hit the ball off the tee and fielding the ball if the player misses the ball on the tee.

Thanks Scott!

If you have any drills you’d like to suggest for our community, you can leave them in the comment box below. Or head on over to our youth baseball drills section for more fun practice ideas.