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In this blog, I’ll provide the best tips, techniques, and strategies for coaching youth baseball. Whether you a rookie coach of a T-ball team or a super-competitive bench-boss on a varsity high school squad, I’ll give you the tools you need to reach your youth baseball goals.

Fun Baseball Drills – COACH SAYS Drill & GLOVE SIDE Drill

These are two fun baseball drills I use with my younger players a lot.  They enjoy these and forget that they are practicing drills. They’re great for teamwork as well. “Coach Says” Drill This is a twist to one of the popular ideas for “show me the ball”, “invisible bat”, and “coach says”.  I have…

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Youth Baseball Coaching – Running 1 through 4

This is one of my favorites for youth baseball coaching and I don’t see other teams doing in our league. It is a simple base running drill that I call “Running 1 through 4”. Running 1 through 4 Two lines down at home plate. First line in the right-hand batters box. Second line about 10…

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Baseball Baserunning Drill – T-Ball Pickle Drill

In just my second season of coaching T-Ball, I found that the kids loved the drill called Pickle.  It helps the kids learn to throw and catch since they take their minds off the steps and just execute the drill.  This can work just as well with your older players as well. Pickle Set up…

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Youth Baseball Practice Drills – Face the Base & Fielding & Hitting Drill

Try these two youth baseball practice drills to help you assess your players skills at the start of the season and then to help them with their fielding and throwing skills in a short 15 minute drill.The first drill is a throwing drill that I use to assess my team. I call it Face the…

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T-Ball Coaching – T-Ball Batting Tips

I had a 4 year old t-ball team to coach and was having a real hard time teaching them basic batting skills. I had trouble with: Getting the kids into the batters box, Putting their feet in the correct stance, Putting the bat on their shoulder and not on my head, Getting them to hit…

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