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In this blog, I’ll provide the best tips, techniques, and strategies for coaching youth baseball. Whether you a rookie coach of a T-ball team or a super-competitive bench-boss on a varsity high school squad, I’ll give you the tools you need to reach your youth baseball goals.

Baseball Tips and Drills – Improving Hitting Skills

If you’re working with younger players and want to work on their hitting skills, give these tips a try.  The first one uses a basketball to improve strenght and the second one uses varying size items to work on skill. Basketball Drill One good inexpensive idea that helped many of my players was to soft…

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Coaching Youth Baseball – Warm-Up Drill & Throwing Tip

My favorite baseball warm-up drill at the start of practice is to have half the players at the pitchers mound (for 8U) or at the short stop position (for 10U) and the other half at first base. Baseball Warm-Up Drill I stand at home plate. The pitchers mound/shortstop players field the ball from me and…

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Gloveless Fielding Drill

I find that a lot of times my youth players attempt to field the ball in the infield like they see the “cool” players do it, scooping it to the side or one handing it. So what I’ve done to help “re-train” them is this gloveless fielding drill. Gloveless Fielding Drill 4 positions (1st, 2nd,…

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Coaching T-Ball Tip – How to Keep Their Attention

With 4-year-olds, the greatest challenge is getting everyone to pay attention and not horse around. I have found that you have to constantly interact with the players to accomplish this, and lines do not help. How to Keep Their Attention One thing that has really begun working for me is throughout practice, and during drills,…

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Baseball Hitting Drills – Beach Ball Hitting Drill

I’ve come up with a pretty cool and really fun hitting drill for the kids.  It goes along the same theme as your tee drill hitting square targets on a fence.  Then you can give the wooden plank a try.  It goes right along with this Beach Ball Hitting Drill. Beach Ball Hitting Drill Depending…

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