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In this blog, I’ll provide the best tips, techniques, and strategies for coaching youth baseball. Whether you a rookie coach of a T-ball team or a super-competitive bench-boss on a varsity high school squad, I’ll give you the tools you need to reach your youth baseball goals.

Youth Baseball Practice Drills – Ball-Hit Drill & Nerf Baserunning

When you’re coaching a youth team you know how important it is to keep the practices fun as well as instructional.  Here are two drills that are fun and result in quick improvements in the basics. Ball/Hit Drill Works with all ages but love to introduce it to young players. Use only 2 words in…

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Youth Drill for Players Changing from Coach Pitch to Minors

One drill I do with younger boys just coming up from machine pitch to minors is line half my team at third base and half at first base. I am standing at home plate rolling ball to my players at third. They have to charge the ball and field the ball (bare handed I might…

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Practice Drills for the Outfield

I like to use this as a fun drill to keep kids moving at an outfielder station in practice. As outfielders it keeps them running and builds endurance as there is not alot of down time before it is their turn again. Outfield Practice Drill Coach and player(s) on the foul line in outfield grass.…

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Coaching Tips for Youth Baseball – Fear of the Ball and The Talk Ball

When you’re working with younger and/or first time players you have many areas to cover besides teaching skills.  One of the most frequent is “fear of the ball”.  This is followed by getting their attention and teaching them to listen to you and to their teammates. Old Socks and Fear of the Ball Here is…

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Youth Baseball Drills – T-Ball Throwing Drill

Here are the summarized steps I go through with teaching my T-ball kids who are just getting started on the fundamentals of throwing.  Give these a try with your young players and they will have a great foundation for the sport. T-Ball Throwing Drill Group Knee Position – Throwing & Catching (All Kids) 10 min…

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