Two Tee Baseball Hitting Drill

Two Tee Drill

Using a batting tee allows you to isolate the aspect of your swing that you want to work on. In this drill, batters have an opportunity to practice hitting the ball out in front of the body.

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Drop Ball Baseball Hitting Drill

Drop Ball Drill

This drill simulates a high speed fastball to the batter and really stresses the importance of getting the hands moving in order to hit that ball.

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Vision Drill

This drill helps the batter see the ball better and pick up and follow the ball better out of the pitcher’s hand. Batter should be anticipating the ball leaving the coach’s hand so that he is yelling ball right when the coach throws it.

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Wiffle Bat Drill

A Wiffle bat is one of the best props you can use when working with hitters. It’s our opportunity to give our hitters a clue as to how fast their bat’s moving.

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fungo hitting drill

Fungo Hitting Drill

This is a great rhythm and timing hitting drill that allows your player’s to work through the proper mechanics of the swing, with extra attention on the proper swing sequence.

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