Two Tee Baseball Hitting Drill

Two Tee Drill

Purpose Batter practices hitting the ball out in front of the body. Drill Setup Place two tees at the plate. Tee 1 should be at batter's belly button and approximately waist high.

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Positive Negative Baseball Hitting Drill

Positive Negative Drill

Purpose Develops balance during the swing. Drill Setup Batter stands at home plate. Coach draws a line in the dirt at the center of the batter's body. How it Works Batter gets into

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Drop Ball Baseball Hitting Drill

Drop Ball Drill

Purpose Emphasizes getting into trigger position. Drill Setup Batter gets in stance in front of net. Coach stands to the opposite side of the batter holding a ball. How it Works Coach holds

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Vision Drill

Purpose Helps batter see the ball better and pick up the ball better out of the pitcher’s hand Drill Setup Player stands at plate. Coach stands at pitching distance behind a screen.

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Wiffle Bat Drill

Purpose A Wiffle bat is one of the best props you can use when working with hitters. It’s our opportunity to give our hitters a clue as to how fast their

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fungo hitting drill

Fungo Hitting Drill

Purpose This is a great rhythm and timing hitting drill that allows your player’s to work through the proper mechanics of the swing, with extra attention on the proper swing sequence. Breakdown In

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